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Sady's Graphic Adventure

An Icon Makers Journal

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I prefer to make icons from Disney Movies\Characters, Sci-fi\Fantasy films, and 80s Pop\teen
flicks (and chick flicks). You won't find gore here - rare usage of profanity is under cuts.
Most icons are G-PG -13, that's just how I roll.

I do take requests, but more-so I prefer "ideas" - I like to do large themed batches.
If you have something particular thing in mind I can try to accommodate, if you have
your own images to supply that you want something spiffy done to - I'm glad to help.
Simply make your request Requests Taken On This Post

The "rules" are simple.. comment, and credit. Technically they aren't mandatory, but
it's really respectful of me when you do, and it also is helpful to other people who might
like what they see on your journal and want more.

As my resource list is frequently changing and growing, it has it's own post on my journal.
Check out these amazing artists behind the artist: The Tool Makers - Resource List


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For the Icon Lovers\Seekers\Makers out there - Post Seek and Find at:

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